Robin left this life with a flourish, dying on the Ides of March, 2020, while listening from his hospital bed to “Bring Him Home,” the hit song from his favorite musical, Les Miserables. 

Growing up in Framingham, Mass., Robin attended Phillips Exeter Academy. At Princeton he majored in religion and philosophy. He roomed senior year with George Oram, Bill Jones, and Jack Schlegel. He ate at Dial Lodge and teamed most days with Freeman Bunn at the bridge table, a fascination that didn’t dent his grades. 

Robin lived in Boston the remainder of his life. He worked as a stockbroker, devoting some of his prodigious energies to playing golf, tennis, and squash. He was a proprietor of the Boston Athenaeum and a raconteur of infectious wit. In his retirement he visited the Boston Public Library, two blocks from his home, almost daily, sometimes slipping away to a game at Fenway Park. 

With his wife of 32 years, Anita, Robin was an inveterate traveler, visiting more than 80 countries. He and Anita scoured the byways of South Africa, Cuba, Vietnam, and Cambodia before they became popular destinations. In Nepal, they trekked over two weeks to 18,500 feet for a close-up view of Mount Everest. He included local trains whenever possible. 

Robin is survived by Anita and three children. 

Undergraduate Class of 1957