Our multi-talented and multi-accomplished classmate Stu died in California following a long bout with cancer Aug. 3, 2022.

He came to us from Yonkers High School. He majored jointly in biology and psychology — foreshadowing his future — and wrote his thesis on “The Onset of Drug Addiction in Adolescents.” But while focusing on pre-med, when he sat down at a piano both he and it were transformed. As accompanist to the Glee Club and sometime tenor, his musicianship stood up to anyone in our highly talented class and continued through his life.

After earning a medical degree at Mount Sinai, Stu practiced ophthalmology, moved to California, and, in what he described as a midlife crisis, grew a beard and switched to child psychiatry, which he practiced in public agencies and privately for the last decades of his life. And so his studies came full circle, as he appreciated: His California license plate read PRNCETN.

Stu is survived by his son, Loren; his nephews Jeffrey ’82, Alan, and Benjamin; and their families. Along with all of us who experienced his therapeutic advice or the transcendent richness of his musical gifts, they will not only remember but strive to emulate him.

Undergraduate Class of 1970