Tom died Aug. 10, 2020, in Lake Forest, Ill., at age 87. Parkinson’s had afflicted him for several years, and Jackie, his wife of 48 years, said Tom “had fought the good fight.”

Tom was born Jan. 22, 1933, in Baltimore, Md., the son of Swan and Thomas Gorter. His father, known by his middle name, Poultney, was a member of the Class of 1918; brother Jim Gorter was in the Class of  ’51, and his grandfather was also a Princetonian.

Tom attended Gilman School in Baltimore before moving with his family to Lake Forest in 1947 and graduating from Lake Forest Academy. At Princeton he joined Colonial Club and majored in classics.

His senior-year roommates were Spencer Nauman, George Wagner, George Carey, John Cooper, Henry King, Rollin Otto, Richard Willis, and Tom Parr. After graduation he served in the Army and then spent his career in real-estate management.

Tom is survived by Jackie and his brother, Jim.

Undergraduate Class of 1955