Tom PASSED away Aug. 19, 1993, in Naples, Fla his home since retirement. Tom prepared at Culver Military Academy. While at Princeton, he was a member of the lacrosse team and Campus Club From 193235, he studied architecture at the graduate school of N.Y.U. He was employed by Cass Gilbert, Inc., NYC, and Sproul Architects, Inc. Chicago, before entering the army during WWII He served in the corps of engineers and was commanding officer in charge of construction of Oak Ridge, Tenn., the "atomic bombmaking secret city. 11 He also served in New Guinea, Australia, and the Philippines. He left the service in 1946, with the rank of colonel. Tom then went into partnership and founded the architecture firm of Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw and Folley in Watertown. The firm designed hundreds of buildings throughout New York and Vermont. Tom retired around 1970, and moved to Naples. He is survived by his widow, Dorn thy; one son; three stepsons; a stepdaughter; and 13 grandchildren. The class sends its sympathy to his family

The Class of 1931

Undergraduate Class of 1931