Known to many of us as “Toddy,” Dan died June 3, 2021, at his home in Bernardsville, N.J. 

The son and grandson of Princetonians, he came to us from Millbrook School. Dan majored in geology, ate at Ivy Club, played rugby and hockey, and was a member of the Republican, Pistol, and Flying clubs, as well as WPRB. He roomed with Steve Vehslage, Frank Richardson, Ross Sherbrooke ’58, and Tom Robins ’58.

It is all but impossible to capture this Renaissance man’s life and career in this short memorial. He was an avid pilot who founded Princeton Aviation Corp. (and regretted he was never able to fly for his country); was CEO of Frontier Airlines; served both state and federal governments; was a university professor; and served on numerous nonprofit and civic boards. Not to mention ranching and real-estate investment in Montana, politics and campaigning, chairing the National Transportation Safety Board, serving as a volunteer fireman in Oldwick, N.J., and on it goes. A classmate said, “Every inch a gentleman.” The full story can be found on the class website. 

Dan is survived by his wife of 25 years, Barbara; sons Will and Jeb and daughters Whitney, Elizabeth, Claire, and Margaret; and their families, which include four grandchildren. 

Undergraduate Class of 1961