BILL KANE died by his own hand Oct. 30, 1991. His death deprives us of a marvelous intellect and a lively and challenging personality.

Bill came to Princeton from Baylor Military School (Ga.). He was a University Scholar and graduated Phi Beta Kappa, with honors from the Woodrow Wilson School. He received a Fulbright Scholarship for study in Colombia, and attended Yale Law School, where he was a law journal editor and an honors graduate.

Thereafter, his life followed two independent tracks. On the visible track, he was a lawyer and business executive, specializing first in international merchant banking with Citicorp, Continental Illinois, and Finoil. Later he turned to real estate workouts and was a pioneer in the recapitalization of real estate portfolios for California Federal and for F.S.L.I.C. He authored one book, Civil Strife in Latin America, and several articles and lectures on international politics and real estate recapitalizations.

On the less visible track, Bill continued to develop the expertise in military and diplomatic strategy that he first discovered at Princeton. He directed the Systems Intelligence Enhancement project of the American Society of Professional Strategists. He consulted regularly with a number of entities involved with our nation's defense. This work culminated in an intense involvement with Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Bill leaves two children, W. Everett Jr. '93 and Katie, a student at the N.Y.U. Film School. Divorced, he spent the last five years with Deborah Hecht. To them, and to his many friends, the Class extends its deepest sympathy.

The Class of 1966

Undergraduate Class of 1966