Bill died March 17, 2022, of heart failure, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He was notable for his intellect, energy, good will, humor, and his abiding love of California. Throughout his life he was passionate about music, sports, food, and engaging with creative people.

Bill was born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley. At Granada Hills High School, he was a top scholar, pianist, basketball player, and senior-class president, and ran a profitable printing business from his home. At Princeton, Bill played freshman basketball, was a WPRB DJ, worked at McCarter Theatre, and joined Cottage Club. Inspired by Professor Richard Falk, Bill spent two semesters working in Geneva and New York on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

After Princeton, Bill returned to California and made his mark in the energy research business. During a short stint with Occidental Petroleum, he met Bruce Carruthers ’56, with whom he created Business Information Display in San Diego. Later he edited The Energy Decade: 1970-1980, worked for Chase Manhattan bank in New York, and published an energy newsletter. 

In 1993, Bill took a break to travel the world and fell in love with New Zealand. He moved to Queenstown and changed careers to become a web designer specializing in the travel and tourism industry. There he met Michelle Arona, with whom he welcomed into the world his greatest joys in life — two sons and a daughter: Philip, Gracyn, and Kendall. 

“Mister” Bill’s Princeton friends remember him as exceptionally talented, industrious, light-hearted, and humble. We offer condolences to his family and all the people whose lives he touched.

Undergraduate Class of 1976