WLLLIAM NEWELL HAVENER, a dedicated father and husband, died Aug. 22, 1993, from complications of Lou Gehrig's disease. He was 50. At the time of his death, he was a lead engineer for Mitre Corp., directing research in its computer security group. He resided in Takorna Park, Md.

Bill had maintained intense interests in science, history, and politics since his undergraduate years. His skills as a physicist and computer scientist led him to Mitre, where he was well respected. As a senior, Bill expressed interest in teaching. As lead engineer at Mitre, he was the person sought out by his coworkers when they needed counsel with problems. He also taught computer courses at the college level near his Maryland home.

According to his widow, Gloria Ferrara Havener, Bill would want to be remembered first as a dedicated family man. He loved hiking, hiking, and campingespecially in the company of his two daughters, Andrea (11) and Shannon (7).

Born in Concord, N.H., Bill prepared at the Lawrence Academy, in Groton, Mass. He was a member of the freshman wrestling team, took his meals at Cloister Inn, and as a senior lived in Walker Hall.

Bill dealt with his illness with courage and grace. The class offers its deepest sympathy to Bill's widow, Gloria; his daughters, Andrea and Shannon; his sister, Katherine Roper; and his mother, Cenith Havener. A quiet, dignified voice has been stilled.

The Class of 1966

Undergraduate Class of 1966