Bill died May 17, 2021, in Burlingame, Calif., of Parkinson’s disease. 

He came to Princeton from San Mateo (Calif.) High School. At Princeton he majored in the School of Public and International Affairs and was an enthusiastic leader for Outdoor Action and the new computer center at Princeton Inn. Bill roomed with Dirk Jessen ’88, Dave Coats, Rich Brown, and Jim Friedel. He met his wife of 29 years, our classmate Karen Schmidt, at Princeton.

Bill earned an MBA and a master’s degree in computer science from MIT. He enjoyed a 20-year career at Hewlett-Packard, then was an adviser helping tech leaders through disruptive change.

Although a technology fan, Bill loved people. At Princeton, no matter how busy he was, he always had time for a relaxed discussion about ideas worldly or trivial. He had a gift for drawing people into conversations, never focusing on himself. He loved having visitors to his home and would whip up a soufflé using lemons he picked while reaching out his window.

Bill is survived by Karen, son Cuyler, daughter Kathryn, three brothers, and their families.  The class will miss Bill’s warmth, his open heart, and his limitless curiosity.

Undergraduate Class of 1987