Bill died Sept. 22, 2021, in Houston.

He came to Princeton from Big Island (Va.) High School, where he was class president. Knowing what his life’s work would be, he majored in geological engineering. He was vice president of the AIME, active in the Glee Club and Chapel Choir, a member of Elm Club, and was the Virginia representative to the Orange Key Schools Committee. Senior year he roomed with Jack Bittig, Paul Gwyn, Jim McCutchan, and Fred Greear.

After Army service at Fort Sill and Fort Knox, Bill stayed in the Army Reserve, where he attained the rank of captain. Returning from active duty, he went to work as a geologist at Pan American Corp. in Lafayette, La. Five years later he helped to form the firm of Hightower & Booker, with offices in Louisiana and Texas, and became involved not only in oil exploration but also in real estate. Eventually Bill settled in Houston, but maintained a second home for many years in his native Virginia.

Married to Amelia White “Mimi” Booker, he acquired a stepdaughter, Amelia White Wymer. Both Mimi and Amelia survive.

Undergraduate Class of 1957