In Response to: A farewell song

In her thoughtful essay on seniors’ reaction to an impromptu singing of the national anthem at step singing at Blair Arch, Laura Fitzpatrick quotes senior class president Tom Haine ’08 as saying that “the great American spirit will regain its indomitable nature in the face of a fragile and hostile world, jealous of our power and ability.” At first I was horrified at the narcissistic arrogance of this brazen statement. Then I was saddened. How small and narrow and scared he seems, wrapping his fears in bullying bravado. Haven’t we seen enough of this in the last few years?

And if someone like Mr. Haine, recipient of a Princeton education, poised at the portals of power and influence as are few others, cannot see beyond this self-pitying chest-beating and this caricature of the world beyond our borders, what good is a Princeton education?

Christopher C. (Kit) Binns