The PAW description of the undisciplined behavior of members of the Corps of The Citadel toward our band members, both on campus and in their home stadium, raises the question of what to expect next fall when these two schools are scheduled to meet on the Princeton gridiron. If these cadets could not be controlled in South Carolina, should we expect better behavior in New Jersey?  

I think Princeton has three options, and list them in my order of preference:

1. Cancel the game. For me, this is not a rivalry to foster.

2. Play the game, with the proviso that neither The Citadel band nor the Corps should attend.

3. Play the game, appealing to The Citadel’s administration to maintain control. If the third option is taken, I, for one, will not attend the game. I don’t want to be privy to uncivilized behavior off the field.  

What happened in Charleston was a serious breach of sportsmanship and should be treated as such.

William J. Ledger ’54