In Response to: A student rifle range

I share Walter Winget ’58’s concern over the loss of the campus rifle range (letters, Nov. 19), but I’m not surprised. ROTC, military service, firearms — like, that’s so 20th-century nationalism. Shirley Tilghman has morphed “in the nation’s service” into “at the service of the United Nations,” and that’s a community without NRA life members or tolerance for the Second Amendment.

For those who are uncomfortable with Princeton’s transformation, I suggest they take a look at Hillsdale (Mich.) College, an institution that takes the Second Amendment, the whole Constitution, and service to our republic very seriously. And they just happen to be establishing an endowed, multimillion-dollar Hillsdale College firearms educational facility. When completed, it will include two international trap fields, two American trap fields, and one sporting clays field, an outdoor rifle and pistol range, and a clubhouse. A small-bore indoor range for rifle and pistol competitions is planned for the future as demand develops.

A rifle range may be a small thing; belief in the Constitution and in sovereignty is not. Princeton trustees ought to have a sit-down with Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale.

Gordon Batcheller ’60