In Response to: Advice for the president

In response to Thomas Corwin ’62 (Letters, Mar. 4), I disagree with his advice to President Obama about Taiwan. He writes, “Taiwan is part of China, and it should be part of China. Its independence makes no sense.”  

I would like Mr. Corwin to consider not only the historic and political facts of China and Taiwan’s long separation but also how an overwhelming majority of Taiwan’s citizens believe in freedom, democracy, and human rights. Furthermore, they are indignant about China’s bullying and threats designed to force them to give up on Taiwan’s sovereignty and their Taiwanese identity. Taiwan’s citizens do not want to be controlled in any way by China’s repressive authoritarian government.

I agree that supporting Taiwan by supplying arms is not the best way to achieve peace (although it’s reported that China has more than 1,300 missiles aimed at Taiwan), but why does Taiwan’s independence have to be sacrificed in order to have reconciliation? Why should China’s nationalistic sentiments be the only voice heard? I ask Mr. Corwin to reassess his statement that Taiwan’s independence “makes no sense.”

Ronald Chen ’90