In Response to: From the Editor

PAW editor Marilyn Marks *86’s excellent report (editor’s letter, June 10) on the remarkable work of class secretary Ralph Ritchie ’34 prompts me to tell another story about Ralph.

For most of his 21 years in the Princeton administration, he was secretary for class agents in the Annual Giving office. Ralph was a disciplined, creative staff member. He was an inspiration to class agents, providing them with advice on strategy, suggesting content for their appeal letters, and serving as an ever-present cheerleader for their efforts. Their results, in part, were a tribute to Ralph.

Seeing him in action on a daily basis was just as inspirational for his co-workers. Though we could not quite reach the heights of his accomplishments, trying to emulate his example produced a collective level of performance that would have been quite different without him.  

Many thanks to you, Ralph.

Joe Bolster ’52