I am deeply disappointed in my University. The coaching job done by Roger Hughes and his staff this year, in light of the number of injuries and the illness of Jordan Culbreath ’10, should have been cause for commendation, not dismissal.

The work Coach Hughes has done over the years with the fine young men entrusted to his care has been truly outstanding. He has taught them not only to be better athletes, but also to be better teammates and better persons, well-suited to meet the challenges that await them after graduation. Coach Hughes has taught them, at all times, to adhere to high moral and ethical standards, just as he has done. And he has accomplished these goals laboring under restrictions not shared by his Ivy League coaching brethren.

For all of this I say “Thank you!” and “Godspeed!” and add my very best wishes for his continuing success. His next employer will be a lucky organization indeed.  

Duke Slichter ’54