Browsing through the Feb. 8 issue of PAW, I happened on the two-page pictorial spread, “Off-campus eateries: Here today, chain tomorrow?” Talk about memories!  

I was a “townie,” although I lived on campus during my four undergraduate years. So my acquaintance with Renwick’s and the Balt went back many years. The Balt was kind of a quick-and-dirty joint – not dirty, really, but not the place where you’d take friends from out of town to impress them. Renwick’s, though, was the kind of place where you took a girl – maybe one you’d met in dancing class – to make at least a non-negative impression.

When I accepted my diploma in June 1952, I embarked on a life not lived in Princeton. But the memory of those early years lived in Princeton had sunk in to stay forever. Renwick’s and the Balt were unforgettable elements in that set of memories.

Colin McAneny ’52