In Response to: Extra Point

Wow, did I have a negative reaction to this article. To propose that any university should adopt (or reinstate) a transfer policy simply because it needs talented athletes (football or otherwise) is offensive.

I was a junior-year transfer student in 1977 and was not chosen for my athletic prowess. We were 24 students chosen from a pool of 800. I was older than the other undergraduates and had two small children — the “token” nontraditional student. Women weren’t yet welcome on campus — never mind older, married undergraduate women with children. 

I lived off campus and missed most events because I was busy raising twin boys. I had to study at home for obvious reasons. I didn’t fit in; I was not a “magic bullet”; and yet, the other students (not the “old boys”) welcomed me with open arms. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and went on to get a doctorate — so I believe I added, at least a little, to the University’s “luster.” 

I would urge that if the University  is going to reconsider the transfer ­policy, it do so for reasons other than  to find athletic talent. Perhaps a  search for athletes can be part of the process, but certainly not the “driver” for the policy. To reduce transfer ­students to fodder for an athletic mill is ­reprehensible.

Eleanor A. Vivona-Vaughan ’79
Monroe Township, N.J.