Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor ’76 will receive the Woodrow Wilson Award, the highest honor given to an undergraduate alum, when she returns to campus for Alumni Day, Feb. 22. Hunter R. Rawlings III *70, president of the Association of American Universities and former president of Cornell and the University of Iowa, will be honored with the James Madison Medal, the University’s top award for a graduate alum. Alumni Day annually draws about 1,200 Princetonians and guests to campus for lectures, special activities, exhibits, and a luncheon in Jadwin Gymasium.

Rawlings’ talk will begin at 9 a.m. in Richardson Auditorium, followed by Sotomayor’s lecture at 10:15. Other 9 a.m. events include a workshop for social-networking novices and a demonstration of chocolate-making by members of Princeton’s student-run chocolate club. Returning events include Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye’s talk on college admission and the 3 p.m. Service of Remembrance in the Chapel honoring deceased alumni, faculty, students, and staff. Exhibits include “Found in Firestone,” a library display of objects discovered during the building’s renovation.

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