Economist and former Seoul National University president Chung Un-chan *78 was appointed prime minister of South Korea Sept. 3. [New York Times]

Charles Gibson ’65 will retire from his job as anchor of ABC's World News at the end of this year, his 35th at the network. [New York Times]

Broker-turned-yoga-instructor Lauren Imparato ’02 is "tapping into yoga's growing appeal" on Wall Street. [Bloomberg]

In a recent opinion piece, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels ’71 wrote about the challenges that state governments are facing this year. [Wall Street Journal]

Thousands in the United Kingdom signed a petition calling for the government to issue a posthumous apology to computer-science pioneer Alan Turing *38, who was prosecuted for "gross indecency" after admitting his homosexuality in 1952. [BBC]

No one can accuse Vanguard founder John Bogle ’51 of "thinking like everyone else on Wall Street," according to a recent profile. []

A short story by Peter de Jonge ’77 was featured in the New York Times' "Summer Thrillers" series. [New York Times]

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Ross Ohlendorf ’05 struck out three St. Louis batters in an inning on just nine pitches. He was the 40th player in major-league history to accomplish the feat. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]