WWII in HD, a five-part series written by Bruce Kennedy ’92, is scheduled to begin Nov. 15 on the History Channel. The program will feature 16-millimeter color film footage from World War II that rivals the quality of today's high definition. [History.com]

Sen. Kit Bond ’60, R-Mo., shared his views on Afghanistan in a Nov. 5 interview with The Daily Show's Jon Stewart. [The Daily Show]

Richard K. Rein ’69, editor and publisher of the Princeton-area weekly newspaper U.S. 1, celebrated his publication's 25th anniversary in a Nov. 11 column. [U.S. 1]

Author and graphic novelist Douglas Rushkoff ’83 wrote about his latest project -- an alternate-reality video game -- in a Nov. 10 post for the technology blog BoingBoing. [BoingBoing.net]