The Great Debate (2009)

VH1’s The Great Debate series delivers the final word on the most intense, pop-culture questions of all time. D-list celebrities seriously debate topics such as: Beatles or the Stones? Ginger or Mary Ann? Rocky or Rambo? 

The show’s producers contacted the Princeton debate team to appear in an “All Stars Versus Ivy Leaguers” episode, which aired July 2009. Anthony Loring ’11, Charlie Metzger ’12, and Jim Hao ’12 were selected to represent the team. Their topic: “Which is the better Hulk?” The intimidating opposition – wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan – positioned himself in favor of … himself. The Princeton debaters, on the other hand, argued resolutely for the superiority of the comic-book superhero, the Incredible Hulk.

Editor’s note: Anthony Loring was not available for comment.

On debating Hulk Hogan (yes, we know you weren’t face-to-face with him):

Hao: I thought the edited clip looked great, and he definitely did the research on himself and was comfortable in the seat. I’m not too worried about him coming after me or anything.

Metzger: Hulk Hogan didn’t stand a chance.

What’s more stressful: a VH1 debate, or a Debate Panel competition?

Hao: At normal debate tournaments, I don’t get the chance to review what I just said and ask to redo it if it’s bad. So they are a bit more stressful.

Metzger: VH1. Most college debates aren’t preceded by a 15-minute makeup session. 

Best preparation for real life:

Hao: Debating the merits of Hulk Hogan vs. the Incredible Hulk was more intellectually stimulating than some real debates I’ve been in.

Metzger: VH1: bigger audience, better topics. 

Do it again?

Hao: Yes it was fun and a great way to bring some exposure to the Princeton Debate Panel.

Metzger: Yes, definitely.

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