Graphic Arts Collection, Firestone Library

Raucous 18th-century London is captured in FIRESTONE LIBRARY’S EXHIBIT, “Sin and the City: William Hogarth’s London,” which features 70 engravings by Hogarth — an artist, advocate for moral reform, and one of the best-recognized chroniclers of the period. The engravings (including “Beer Street,” pictured above) depict the drinking, dark alleys, violence, and poverty of the city. The exhibition runs through Jan. 29; special events include an Oct. 7 panel discussion titled “A Midnight Modern Conversation” (after Hogarth’s print by the same name) and a Nov. 13 musical performance.

Frank Wojciechowski

IN MEMORIAM STUART SCHWARTZ, former chairman of the electrical engineering department and a driving force behind its rise to prominence, died from complications of pneumonia Aug. 27 while vacationing in New Hampshire. He was 72. Schwartz saw the department grow from 13 faculty members in 1985, the year he became chairman and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science split into two entities, to 24 members in 1994, when he stepped down. He transferred to emeritus status in 2009. Schwartz helped establish a computer-engineering program and a major advanced-technology center in photonics and optoelectronics materials (POEM).