Emily Carter, a professor of engineering and applied mathematics, was a member of the search committee for the director of Princeton’s Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment. She stepped aside, however, when committee members proposed her as a candidate, and on Sept. 13 she was announced as the founding director of the center.

Carter, a member of the faculty since 2004, is principal investigator on six major research grants designed to support new energy sources and increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles. “Any scientist or engineer who has the expertise to contribute to this field ought to be working on it,” she said, adding that Princeton has “the potential to make real progress on creating a clean energy future.”

Carter’s appointment came four months after architectural plans were released for the Andlinger Center’s new home on the corner of Olden Street and Prospect Avenue (Notebook, June 2). The University plans to begin construction of three buildings on the site in 2012.