Reena Glaser

Ryan McCarty ’14 started doing crossword puzzles at Princeton: “I have always had a penchant for word games, but I can’t say I was too great at crosswords at first,” he says. When he tried creating puzzles from scratch, the music major (with a certificate in applications of computing) found both his creative and analytical skills helpful. McCarty, now a technology consultant at the Securities and Exchange Commission, began submitting puzzles for publication only last year — since then, his work has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times


1. Panache

6. Drunkards

10. Trials and tribulations

14. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend network

15. Biblical twin

16. Losing strategy?

17. *Trendy nighttime dancing locale

19. Like a thick custard

20. Suffix with “elect”

21. Hybrid fruit with a pit

22. *Former Indy champ Bobby

23. Horseman?

25. Baby’s plaything

26. *Golden-brown quartz stones

29. Ivy’s support, maybe

32. Some pregame beers

33. Performer yukking it up

36. Sudden takeover

37. *Fiber used to make rugs

38. 2008 Obama catchword

39. Die down

40. Chief Justice in the Dred Scott case

41. Scattered, as seeds

42. *Toys making a comeback?

45. Hannity’s onetime counterpart, on Fox News

47. Wobbles

51. *In the lead

52. Architect who designed the Lewis Library

54. Nada

55. Dog owner’s ordeal

56. Princeton cheer that’s indicated by the beginnings of the six starred clues (with proper repeats, of course)

58. 18.36 square miles, for Princeton

59. Cyclotron fodder

60. ___ calculus (kidney stone)

61. Tilt

62. Funny ___

63. Ring ominously


1. Work ___ (good student’s value system)

2. Sour cream morsel

3. Also-ran in the 2017 French presidential election

4. Katzenjammer cry

5. Makeup of the “dead man’s hand”

6. It’s used to prevent tapping

7. Where to get one’s Nobel Peace Prize

8. Like a drumhead

9. Hero

10. Do some brainstorming

11. Colorful rock concert display

12. Allowed

13. Collegiate Gothic, e.g.

18. Ad

22. They’re caught at the beach

24. Convertible cover

25. Microfilm unit

27. Glee Club platform

28. Like some dads

29. Fly through, as a test

30. ___ Lowe, portrayer of The West Wing’s Sam Seaborn, a Princeton graduate

31. Fruity Yogurt study-break beverage

34. Copycat

35. Pre-___ (undergrad track)

37. Professor Wang and others

38. Princeton Preview volunteer

40. ___ the line (conformed)

41. WWI hero played by Gary Cooper

43. Alumnus Bruce Lauritzen ’65, notably

44. Sociology study

45. Group bent on a 36-Across

46. Alternative to Midway

48. Periodical with click bait, maybe

49. Harvard, for one

50. One cast in a Harry Potter movie

52. First choice, as a strategy

53. Domain of Bowen and Shapiro, abbr.

56. Necessary science-course selection

57. Number of Turing Award laureates affiliated with Princeton University

Solution to the puzzle