Photo: Scott Daugherty

The cover of this issue is unlike anything PAW has done before. It features the work of textile artist Diana Buri Weymar ’91, who designed and embroidered it at her home in British Columbia, then sent it to Brooklyn, where it was photographed by Nelson Hancock ’90 for PAW. Weymar’s art honors the work of alumni who have been putting their own wellbeing at risk as they care for others during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thought a unique cover was needed to mark this difficult time.

In this issue and the next, we offer stories about how alumni have been affected by the crisis, including alumni who are medical professionals or work to provide food and shelter to vulnerable Americans. Our email newsletters provide ways to participate remotely in activities offered by alumni — a nice reminder that we’re part of a community. (Sign up to receive them at paw.princeton.edu.) And if you’re interested in hearing the music that Professor Simon Morrison *97 mentions in his essay, “The Sounds of Solace,” on page 21, you can find links here

PAW’s online content is managed largely by Elisabeth H. Daugherty, who became our digital editor in March. Liz, a graduate of Bucknell University and Columbia Journalism School, has worked at The Virginian-Pilot, Virginia’s largest newspaper, since 2010, most recently as leader of its digital enterprise team. She joined PAW just as New Jersey’s stay-at-home order was taking effect and is now steering our digital presence from Virginia.

Thanks to Liz for jumping into a difficult situation with cheerfulness and professionalism. And thanks, especially, to those alumni honored by Diana’s work: those in the service of humanity. We could not be prouder.