Two faculty members of the University of Texas at Austin have joined Princeton’s Program in Theater and Dance.

Jill S. Dolan was appointed professor of English and theater and dance. She has written extensively on arts advocacy, democracy, and social change; performance studies; and feminist and lesbian performance. Stacy Wolf, who has studied performances of gender and sexuality in the Broadway musical, was appointed associate professor of theater and dance.

Also joining the faculty as professors are Jeroen Tromp *92, professor of geosciences and applied and computational mathematics, from Caltech; Nino Luraghi, classics, Harvard; Andrew M. Watsky *94, art and archaeology, Vassar; Yuliy V. Sannikov ’00, economics, the University of California, Berkeley; Edward E. Telles, sociology, UCLA; and Martha Sandweiss, history, Amherst College. Appointed as associate professors are Stacey A. Sinclair, psychology and African-American studies, University of Virginia; and Paul Frymer, politics, the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Among those appointed to three-year terms as assistant professor is Abigail Gutmann Doyle, in the chemistry department. She is the daughter of Amy Gutmann, former Princeton provost and current Penn president, and Michael Doyle, former politics professor at Princeton.

Tenured faculty who have left Princeton for other positions include economics professor Bert Bernheim, who is moving to Stanford; James Haxby, psychology, to Dartmouth; Peter Lake, history, to Vanderbilt; Maria Mavroudi, history and Hellenic studies, to the University of California, Berkeley; and Martin Wikelski, ecology and environmental biology, to the Max Planck Institute.