It all started in October, the month of playoff baseball. Selden Edwards ’63 was watching a National League Championship Series game between the Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants on TV when he spotted a familiar striped pattern in the front row at AT&T Park, right behind the dugout. Could it be? A Class of 1962 Princeton Reunions jacket? Edwards hit rewind on the broadcast, snapped a photo with his phone, and sent it off to his friend and classmate Bill Hardt ’63, a longtime Princeton volunteer.
Hardt passed the picture along to friends via e-mail. In December, after several weeks and some unsuccessful queries, Bruce Dunning ’62 cracked the case, confirming that the mystery fan was Andy Hall ’62 *66, a Bay Area engineer and consultant.
Hall explained in an e-mail reply that he’d worn the jacket twice during the Giants’ playoff run – once in the Philadelphia series and once in the World Series. Fellow fans told him that they loved the jacket’s orange, black, and white stripes, a perfect match for the Giants’ colors. “One person, a row behind us, was seriously interested in buying one,” Hall said. “I told him it was a special edition and not available. I think I saved him from a lot of grief.”