Four Princetonians have received the 2020 Alumni Council Award for Service:

Alfred L. Bush
Susan Fou
Alfred L. Bush spent 40 years at the Princeton University Library curating the Princeton Collections of Western Americana. He was well-known among students as an adviser to Native American students, standing by their side and doing everything from arranging tutors for those  struggling with English to establishing a travel fund for students wishing to return to home for tribal ceremonies. Native American alumni, some of whom are now leaders in their nations, remember Bush as a valued mentor and “a true sachem” —  chief.

Carol A. Obertubbesing ’73 W71
Susan Fou
Carol A. Obertubbesing ’73 has served in almost every role as a leader of the Princeton Club of Chicago since 1993. Her colleagues and club members know her as a dedicated Princetonian who volunteers for committees and hosts events with enthusiasm and care. Obertubbesing was among the first women to attend Princeton as an undergraduate, noting in a 2019 PAW essay that “Princeton — its spirit of place and its people — has left an indelible mark on my life” — a mark she passes on to other Princetonians, the Alumni Council said.

Sue Pierson h67 h74 h81 h83 h87 h88 h93
Charlene Huang Olson ‘88
Sue Pierson became the university dietician in 1987 and found a home in the University community. Now director of residential dining, she has spent the past 33 years interacting with almost 50,000 students during her time at Princeton, and many more alumni at Reunions. Pierson, who is an honorary member of seven classes, sees Princeton as her home and alumni and students as her family.

Bambi Tsui ’09
Courtesy Bambi Tsui ’09
Bambi Tsui ’09 joined the Princetoniana Committee after studying chemical engineering at Princeton. He revamped the pBay weekly newsletter and created a program to search for Princeton-related finds on eBay and related sites. He has enriched the University Archives with his finds and entertains his Princeton subscribers with weekly reports. Tsui also worked with Tom Swift ’76 to create the virtual Princetoniana Museum, spearheading the technical design and overseeing the infrastructure of the site, which now features more than 3,500 items.