For Ita Ekpoudom ’03, right, shown here with Robert Accordino ’03, the Class of ’03’s golf-themed costume in 2013 was a Reunions favorite.

Princeton golf sweater
Josh Libresco ’76 says this golf sweater, which he acquired at the annual Reunions tournament roughly 30 years ago, “goes with everything, and provides both warmth and a good story.” He and Mark Muenchow ’76 won one of the prizes that day.

Jack Doran ’68
Jack Doran ’68 wore this look to his 25th reunion for “a Miami Vice vibe. … The hair was optional.”

Tim Tulenko ’67 wearing train conductor outfit
Tim Tulenko ’67 wears this train conductor outfit “when leading the Class of ’67’s P-rade contingent, who perennially dress up as passengers riding the old-time ‘PJ&B Railroad.’ As costume chair, I created the conductor getup myself, complete with handheld train whistle and blazer-fabric pants.”

Akil Alleyne ’08
Akil Alleyne ’08’s favorite piece of Reunions gear is this T-shirt, with the late singer Prince and “ton” underneath.

Princeton Football tee
Staughton Lewis ’93 cherishes this historical sports memorabilia from 30 years ago, which he calls “priceless.”

Peter Severson ’09
Peter Severson ’09 says this 2007 Princeton Dodgeball Tournament T-shirt “conjures memories of that wild weekend every April when seemingly every group on campus (plus a few fake ones) competed in the tourney. It was always a beautiful harbinger of spring.”

Men dressed as Elvis
Ernest Dreher ’63 treasures this photo of Jimmy Gewin ’63, Charles “Chip” Markel III ’63, and John Carter II ’63, dressed as Elvis at 2008 Reunions. The theme was “The King Still Gives” — a nod to the class’s generous Annual Giving donations.

Donnica Moore ’81
Donnica Moore ’81, right, loves her tiger-striped Pumas, which she’s had for 15 years. “Value: priceless,” she tells PAW.

Sharon Keld ’80 loves this outfit, which she wore to Reunions 2007, because “I was in Morocco serving as a Peace Corps volunteer ... . The women in my town regularly wore colorful outfits, so by wearing these, I fit right in … !”

Inniss family
Lolita Buckner Inniss ’83, right, submitted this photo of her with Daryl Inniss ’83, left, and, their son Christopher Inniss ’09, center, at Reunions 2014. Buckner Inniss says the moment was special because it “was the first time that ... we got to march with [Christopher]. Also, his costume was funny!”

Teri Noel Towe ’70
George Bustin ’70 submitted this photo of Teri Noel Towe ’70, in a custom Colonial costume sewn by Halina Bustin s’70. Towe portrays Governor Jonathan Belcher, an early benefactor of the College of New Jersey, in the P-rade every year.