Selections from Frank Deford’s On The Campus columns (1961-62)
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In Memoriam: Dan Sachs ’60 (Oct. 10, 1967)

Princetonians know Sachs as the namesake of one of the University’s highest academic honors. Deford painted a narrative portrait of the Rhodes Scholar and one-time football star who died of cancer in 1967.

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From Sports Illustrated
The toughest coach there ever was 
Deford’s 1984 profile of the late Bob “Bull” “Cyclone” Sullivan

Five strides on the banked track
A story of life on the road with roller derby stars in 1969

A Princeton boy who beat the pros
Deford’s 1962 feature about Bill Bradley ’65 introduced the basketball star to a national audience

Beware, little big man is here
A perceptive profile of 5-foot-7-inch Chicago Bulls coach Dick Motta

The rabbit hunter
Deford examines controversial coach Bob Knight in one of the author’s most anthologized stories