Lawyer Janet Lapidus Nova ’88 was the first to block the pie attack on Rupert Murdoch during the News Corp. chairman’s July 19 appearance before the British parliament. (In its version of the wire story, The Straits Times of Singapore called Nova “Murdoch’s other crouching tigress.”) [New York Times]


Dick Foran '34 (Courtesy Wikipedia)
The late Dick Foran ’34, an actor best known for his roles as a singing cowboy, was featured in four films on Turner Classic Movies July 22. [New York Post]
NetApp co-founder Dave Hitz ’86 spoke about how his experience as a ranch hand in California prepared him for a career as a tech entrepreneur. [Forbes]
Lauren Bush ’06, co-founder and CEO of the nonprofit FEED Projects, spoke about her ongoing work to fight world hunger, a “silent killer” that is more deadly than HIV, AIDS, and malaria combined. [Fox News]
Candler Young ’94 and longtime friend Karim Zia have launched a community-minded venture capital fund that aims to make investments in Washington, D.C. [Washington Post]