Though the vote likely is headed for a recount, for now JoAnne Kloppenburg *76 appears to have earned a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, winning by a margin of 0.01 percent. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]
Federal Judge Denny Chin ’75 rejected Google’s legal settlement with authors and publishers, saying that the company’s book digitization would have been a “de facto monopoly.” [New York Times]
Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson *86 was featured in Time magazine’s April 3 “10 Questions” column. [Time]
Major league pitcher Chris Young ’02 accomplished a rare feat in his New York Mets debut: He had two hits in the same inning. [New York Times]
Rutgers professor Alan Rosenthal *61 cast the tie-breaking vote as New Jersey chose a plan for redrawing the boundaries of its 40 legislative districts. [Star-Ledger]
Journalist and U.S. Army veteran Nate Rawlings ’04 wrote about his experience as an embedded reporter with the 4th Infantry Division in Afghanistan. [Time]