Michael Cannell ’82’s A Brotherhood Betrayed: The Man Behind the Rise and Fall of Murder, Inc. (Macmillan), delves into the history of organized crime and Murder, Inc., a coast-to-coast enforcement group controlled by a unified coterie of Mafia kingpins. Cannell tells the true tale of Abe Reles, a witness whose testimony could have destroyed the entire Mafia, had he not died mysteriously while under police protection.

In Healthier Traditions: Quick and Easy (Transamerica Center for Health Studies), dietician Christina Badaracco ’12 contributes to a new, free online-only cookbook that offers healthy recipes for home cooks using readily available ingredients with simple swaps to increase nutritional value.

In America Through Foreign Eyes (Oxford University Press), former foreign minister of Mexico Jorge G. Castañeda ’73 argues that Americans should care what foreigners think of the United States, given our increasing reliance on international partners. Providing insight into waning American exceptionalism, Castañeda shows how a recent uptick in nostalgia and nationalism aligns the U.S. more closely with the rest of the world.