Am I Right or Am I Right
(Android Eats Records) This is the third album by Fulton Lights — aka Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Andrew Spencer Goldman ’00, who wrote the lyrics and music for the 11 tracks. Am I Right or Am I Right “manages to drift around the modern pop-rock spectrum with remarkable ease and agility, nigh-seamlessly segueing from the blues-y, head-bobbing apologies of ‘Baby I’m Tryin’ (dig that twinkling toy piano and rousing saxophone) to the funky rhythms, crunchy guitar, and squawking organ of ‘Can’t Take My Love,’ then from the manic beat and reverb-drenched guitar-rock of ‘Don’t Go Away So Soon’ to the reggae-affecting croons and cries of ‘If You Can Make It Through the Dark,’” wrote Beatbots. “Fans will appreciate their rich, intense, and funky sound,” wrote Urbanite magazine. The album is available at Fulton Lights’ website.
Paper Back Bones
(Anthony D’Amato) This second album by singer-songwriter Anthony D’Amato ’10 “fleshes out the 24-year-old's lyrically-driven Americana with fiddle, pedal steel, and piano,” according to his website. The Star-Ledger called Paper Back Bones “a bold step forward for a young man who loves looking over his shoulder. He hasn’t ditched the Dylanesque delivery, the harmonica or the ’60s-inspired acoustic arrangements. … But he’s developed some new strategies for addressing his audience. Paper Back Bones finds him growing into his role as a bandleader and shepherding a country-rock combo through the upbeat ‘Ends Meet’ and the campfire singalong ‘On the Banks of the River Where I Died.’” The CD is available from the artist’s website.


Blunt Animals
Mike Steelman ’78’s musical alter ego, Stike, has released his first album of guitar-based instrumentals. Steelman wrote and performed the 12 songs on this album, which is available at Bandcamp.