Justin Kerr ’00’s How To Be Great at Your Job (Chronicle Books) gives bite-sized bits of practical advice about how to work efficiently and impress co-workers and managers. Sections include “Overcommunicate,” “Make it Easy to Say Yes,” and “How to Win an Email Fight.”

In The Cat Who Lived With Anne Frank (Penguin Random House) David Lee Miller ’77 retells the story of Anne Frank through the eyes of Mouschi, the cat who shared her secret annex, and to whom she refers several times in her famous diaries. The children’s book paints the portrait of a young girl full of hope in a time of oppression and genocide.

#StillWithHer (Press Syndication Group) is a remembrance of Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential campaign. With photographs by award-winning photojournalist Barbara Kinney, a foreword by Clinton, and a variety of essays, Sandra Sobieraj Westfall ’89 reminds readers of the movements that stemmed from the campaign and what Clinton’s candidacy meant for many women and girls.

The First Conspiracy (Flatiron Books) tells the dramatic but little-known story of the plot to kill Gen. George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Former television producer Josh Mensch ’93 and New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer collaborate in this nonfictional historical thriller.