To fully understand ­climate change, people should explore not only the work of ­climate ­scientists, but also that of geologists, E. KIRSTEN PETERS ’84 argues in The Whole Story of Climate: What Science Reveals About the Nature of Endless Change (Prometheus Books). Peters explains how the Earth’s climate has changed over time. She is the ­director of major grant development for Washington State University’s College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences.

Icons (Running Press) presents a portfolio of the work of fashion and celebrity photographer INDRANI PAL-CHAUDHURI ’01 and her creative partner, Markus Klinko. The book includes more than 150 full-color and black-and-white photographs and descriptions of those photo shoots. Among the subjects are Kate Winslet, Lady Gaga, and David Bowie.

In MARK ALPERT ’82’s latest thriller, Extinction (Thomas Dunne Books), Jim Pierce, a former Army colonel who makes high-tech prosthetics, has lost touch with his daughter, a computer prodigy and hacker. After a Chinese assassin suspects the daughter has discovered Chinese military secrets, he goes looking for her. Pierce sets out to find and help her.

In 1972, Marlo Thomas created a children’s album, Free to Be … You And Me that included ­commentary on social change. ROB KUTNER ’94, Stephen Levinson, and Joel Moss Levinson have produced It’s OK To Do Stuff (Rooftop Comedy Productions), a parody album that pays tribute to Thomas’ record. Among the songs on the nine-track album are “Divorce Makes A Family Twice As Big” and “Swallow Your Dreams.”