The University has received a $4.5 million grant from the New York-based Tikvah Fund to promote undergraduate interest in Jewish thought as it relates to fundamental human questions. The TIKVAH PROJECT ON JEWISH THOUGHT will be administered by the Program in Judaic Studies. The project, headed by religion professor Leora Batnitzky, will host visiting scholars and fellows and sponsor new undergraduate courses, workshops, and publications. An inaugural symposium Nov. 17 will include an evening panel discussion on “Jewish Thought and Liberal Democracy.”

President Tilghman warned against proposals to mandate payouts from COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY ENDOWMENTS during a Sept. 8 roundtable in Washington, D.C., of higher-education officials and members of Congress. Tilghman said requiring fixed endowment payouts would undermine the ability of American universities to compete globally and hurt their ability to respond to market volatility. Princeton alumni taking part in the roundtable were Larry Shinn *72, president of Berea College; Anthony Marx *90, president of Amherst College; and Mark Schneider *83, associate professor and chair of the faculty at Grinnell College.