How closely do you read PAW? Test your knowledge of campus and alumni news with these 10 questions, drawn from stories published in the magazine and at PAW Online.

1. The University broke ground on a new Arts and Transit neighborhood in 2013. Which of the following is included in the site plan?

a. performance and teaching spaces for theater and dance

b. a new Dinky station, 460 feet south of the previous one

c. a new Wawa

d. all of the above

2. More than 95,000 students enrolled in Professor Andrew Conway’s introductory statistics class, a massive, open, online course that was one of Princeton’s offerings on which website?

a. Udacity

b. EdX

c. Coursera

d. MOOC Masters

3. In a movie released in March, actress Tina Fey portrayed a character employed by which Princeton department?

a. anthropology

b. athletics

c. architecture

d. admission

4. What group of Princetonians celebrated its largest gathering in history at April’s “Every Voice” conference?

a. LGBT alumni

b. African-American alumni

c. graduate alumni

d. Asian-American alumni

5. In the spring, 1,700 undergraduates took courses in the ____________ department, more than double the enrollment four years earlier.

a. history

b. computer science

c. chemical and biological engineering

d. Slavic languages and literatures

6. Dan Feyer ’99 earned $5,000, a trophy, and a spot on PAW’s cover after winning which competition for the fourth consecutive year?

a. the World Rubik’s Cube Championship

b. the National Scrabble Championship

c. the North American Bridge Championships

d. the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

7. Former University president William Bowen *58 and alumnus Frank Deford ’61 were among the honorees who received which honor from President Barack Obama in July?

a. the National Medal of Science

b. the Presidential Medal of Freedom

c. the National Humanities Medal

d. the National Teacher of the Year

8. In September, Christopher Eisgruber ’83 was installed as Princeton’s ___ president.

a. 19th

b. 20th

c. 26th

d. 44th

9. Inspired by a Princeton professor’s routine of writing about 3,500 words each day, a Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Dallas and his friends set similar goals and coined which term?

a. the Grafton Challenge

b. the Wilentz Workout

c. the Muldoon Marathon

d. Sowing Oates

10. In December, ___ percent of eligible students and staff members chose to receive a vaccine for meningitis B, following eight confirmed cases at the University in an eight-month span.

a. 19

b. 33

c. 56

d. 91

1. — d. all of the above

2. — c. Coursera

3. — d. admission

4. — a. LGBT alumni

5. — b. computer science

6. — d. the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

7. — c. the National Humanities Medal

8. — b. 20th

9. — a. the Grafton Challenge

10. — d. 91