Courtesy Robin Herman ’73

A Jan. 24 New York Times article marked the 35th anniversary of the 1975 NHL All-Star game, where hockey reporter ROBIN HERMAN ’73, left, became one of the first two women to be granted entry to the locker rooms of a North American pro sports league. Herman, then a Times staffer, had lobbied for equal access to conduct player interviews. “I kept saying, ‘I’m not the story; the game is the story,’ ” she recalled. “But of course that wasn’t the case. The game was boring. A girl in the locker room was a story.” Herman is now the assistant dean for research communications at Harvard’s School of Public Health.

LOCOMOTIVES   Golf Magazine published a January feature story about RICK HYDE ’75 and BURTON SMITH ’77, the Ivy League’s first African-American golfers. Hyde and Smith noted that Princeton played road matches at private courses with no black members, but that did not deter coach Bill Quackenbush. “We just rolled up and played,” Hyde said. ... ANDREW P. SIDAMON-ERISTOFF ’85 took office as the New Jersey state treasurer Jan. 19. ... Clarkson University chemistry professor PHILIP HOPKE *69 was named director of the school’s Center for the Environment Jan. 13. ... Chef ELIZABETH HODES ’99 teamed with Good Morning America weekend anchorman Ron Claiborne to win the show’s ­gingerbread-house contest Dec. 19.