Courtesy A. James Mettler ’66

Late last year, we asked PAW readers to send photos of their “Princeton room,” for an online gallery. The submissions are in, and our editors have selected a winner: 

A. James Mettler ’66, who shared the photo above from his family’s cabin on Lake George in upstate New York.

The cabin has quite an orange-and-black history: When Mettler’s father, Thomas ’33, bought it in 1956, young James was a shareholder of sorts, contributing $2,500 to the purchase, “saved from cutting lawns and picking and selling blueberries and ground pine” and other odd jobs near the family’s home in West Nyack, N.Y. James eventually acquired the cabin from his dad, in 1975, and has owned it ever since. Today, the walls include a range of Princeton memoribilia, from diplomas to banners for the Classes of ’66 and ’33.

Honorable mentions in our contest go to John M. Chludzinski ’85, Ron Krauss ’74, and W.D. Gaillard ’53. 

Courtesy John M. Chludzinski ’85

Courtesy Ron Krauss ’74

Courtesy W.D. Gaillard ’53