Money, Greed, and the Economy: Views from the Fourth Estate

Hear top alumni journalists discuss today's economic mess and how it's playing from Wall Street to Main Street, Saturday, May 30 at 10:30 a.m. in McCosh 50. Panelists will include George F. Will *68, syndicated columnist and television commentator for This Week on ABC; Peter Slevin ’78, Chicago bureau chief, The Washington Post; Joshua Micah Marshall ’91, publisher of Talking Points Memo; Shirley Leung ’94, business editor, The Boston Globe; Kim Strassel ’94, senior editorial writer, The Wall Street Journal; Zachary Goldfarb ’05, economics reporter, The Washington Post; and Catherine Rampell ’07, economics reporter, The New York Times. Author and Washington Post reporter Joel Achenbach ’82 will moderate the discussion.