Among the new members of Princeton’s faculty are these seven who were appointed as full professors: 

AMITAVA BHATTACHARJEE *81, astrophysical sciences, from the University of New Hampshire’s Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space. His research has broad applications to astrophysical, space, and fusion plasmas.

GARNET KIN-LIC CHAN, from Cornell. His research is in theoretical chemistry.

MIHALIS C. DAFERMOS *01, mathematics, from Cambridge University. He won the Whitehead Prize in 2009 for his “rigorous analysis of hyperbolic partial differential equations in general relativity.”

ATIF MIAN, economics and public affairs, from the University of California-Berkeley. His studies emphasize the role played by political, governance, and organizational constraints in shaping the effectiveness and scope of financial markets.

SOPHIE MOREL, mathematics, from ­Harvard. She is a specialist in number theory, algebraic geometry, and representation theory.

EVE OSTRIKER, astrophysical sciences, from the University of Maryland. Her interests are in theoretical and computational astrophysics, including formation of stars and planets, dynamics and thermodynamics of the interstellar medium, and structure and evolution of spiral galaxies. Her father, Jeremiah P. Ostriker, a former provost, retired from the Princeton faculty this year.

ANDREAS WIMMER, sociology, from UCLA. His research focuses on the dynamics of nation-state formation, ethnic boundary-making, and political conflict from a comparative perspective. 

Appointed as an associate professor was ERIKA MILAM, history, from the University of Maryland. Specializing in modern life sciences and in gender and science, she is the author of Looking for a Few Good Males: Female Choice in ­Evolutionary Biology.