Photo: Robert Kekuna ’80

Princeton history professor Martha Sandweiss visited alumni and their families during a trip to Honolulu organized by the PRINCETON CLUB OF HAWAII in October. Pictured, from left, are Ivan Hall ’54, Professor Sandweiss, and Princeton Club of Hawaii President John Ellis ’81. While there, Sandweiss gave presentations about the Princeton & Slavery Project, met with curators at the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives, and dined with Princeton alumni. With help from David Ball *07, an English teacher at the Punahou School, Sandweiss met with students and teachers at the private K-12 school for a day. “The content of the slavery project had a lot of resonance for people wrestling with the particularities of Hawaiian history,” says Sandweiss. “And a bunch of students now seem fired up to think harder about Punahou’s own storied past.”