New film will focus on RFK funeral train

Oscar-winning director Jon Blair plans to turn his camera on Robert Kennedy's funeral train in the upcoming feature documentary Is Everybody Alright? The film, which draws its title from Kennedy's last words, is based on photographs taken by photographer Paul Fusco of Magnum Photos on June 8, 1968, when mourners lined the track as Kennedy's funeral train passed. Princeton alumni, back for Reunions, were among the mourners at Princeton Junction, above.

On campus, alumni took part in perhaps the most subdued Reunions weekend in history. "The tragic events beyond the campus had members of all classes asking 'why?'" class secretary Martin Lapidus ’62 wrote in PAW's Class Notes. "Reunions is normally a time of levity, but this year, in this troubled world, it was also a time of self-questioning."

Blair's film will explore the interplay of personal memory and major historical events of our time. If you were one of those mourners along the tracks and you would like to share your story, contact Blair (jonrblair@gmail.com, 845-591-3895) or U.S. production coordinator Sheila Maniar (samaniar@earthlink.net, 347-731-7504).

(Photo by Paul Fusco, courtesy Lichen Films)