The following story is included in PAW's 2010 Reunions Guide, available on campus May 27.


DEDICATION For Bob Tritsch ’47, above, there's "an element of habit" that goes along with Reunions. He and classmate Koke Kokatnur both have perfect attendance since graduation and plan to be back for number 63 this year. (Photo by Frank Wojciechowski)


EDUCATION Whether delving into Dante or listening to foreign-policy debates, each May brings engaging programs that fill the seats at Alexander Hall and elsewhere. And the best part: No exams. (Photo courtesy


CREATIVITY Reunions committees continue to surprise with new themes and costumes, but the outfits that turn heads often are one-of-a-kind -- homemade headwear, Tiger-striped dog sweaters, or a pair of custom cowboy boots. (Photo by T. Kevin Birch)


YOUTH Today's stroller set makes it hard to believe there was a time when children and spouses stayed on the P-rade sidelines. Is there a better view than the one kids get when perched on a parent's shoulders? (Photo by T. Kevin Birch)


EXUBERANCE All eyes turn to Poe Field when the senior class leaves behind its student days -- and a flip-flop or two -- to dash into alumnihood in perhaps the only part of Reunions that is better with a little mud. (Photo by Beverly Schaefer)