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1. Which campus building features a gargoyle representation of a rhinoceros?

A. 1879 Hall

B. Frist Campus Center

C. Guyot Hall

D. Blair Hall

2. “Oval With Points,” between Nassau and Morrison Halls, is one of Princeton’s most beloved sculptures. Who created it?

A. Alexander Calder

B. Henry Moore

C. George Segal

D. Richard Serra

3. This building near the corner of Washington Road and Prospect Avenue was picked up and moved on rails in 1963 to make room for Robertson Hall.

A. Corwin Hall

B. Wallace Hall

C. Campus Club

D. 1879 Hall

4. Which of the following is true about Betsey Stockton, the namesake of the garden behind Firestone Library?

A. She was born into slavery and later freed by Princeton president Ashbel Green.

B. She traveled to Hawaii as a missionary.

C. She helped found the first public school for African American children in Princeton.

D. All of the above.

5. After its opening in 1974, PAW wrote that this “Alamoesque” shop adjacent to campus was an instant hit with Princeton students.

A. Wawa

B. 7-Eleven

C. The U-Store

D. The Wooden Nickel

6. Generations of Princeton athletes have used this building, named for a former Tiger coach who was once a teammate of Babe Ruth.

A. Jadwin Gym

B. Caldwell Field House

C. Baker Rink

D. Dillon Gym

7. Which residential college has been home to the Princeton Garden Project since 2007?

A. Rockefeller College

B. Mathey College

C. Forbes College

D. Butler College

8. A sculpture called “Einstein’s Table,” installed in 2019, is located in which area of the campus?

A. The Lewis Arts Complex

B. Outside Fine Hall

C. The Engineering Quadrangle

D. Whitman College

9. Andrew Carnegie provided the funds for Lake Carnegie. According to campus lore, Woodrow Wilson 1879 tried to convince him to support this instead.

A. A new science library

B. The graduate school

C. An expansion of Nassau Hall

D. The Engineering Quadrangle

10. Reunion Hall, which stood near Cannon Green from 1870 to 1965, was named in honor of which event?

A. The end of the Civil War

B. Princeton’s first class reunion

C. The addition of a new railroad station

D. The reunion of the Old and New Schools of the Presbyterian Church


1. C. Guyot Hall. Guyot’s gargoyles also include a trilobite and an elephant.

2. B. Henry Moore. Moore’s sculpture was installed in 1971.

3. A. Corwin Hall. The Corwin move turned into a spectator event in May 1963.

4. D. All of the above. Stockton is the subject of a recent book by Constance Escher and a forthcoming one by Gregory Nobles ’70.

5. A. Wawa. The Wa moved to a new home in 2014 but remains popular.

6. B. Caldwell Field House. Football coach Charlie Caldwell 1925 briefly pitched for the Yankees.

7. C. Forbes College. The garden’s fresh herbs and produce are used by campus chefs.

8. A. The Lewis Arts Complex. The sculpture is one of two works at Princeton created by Maya Lin.

9. B. The graduate school. The Graduate College would be completed in 1913, after Wilson was elected president of the U.S.

10. D. The reunion of the Old and New Schools of the Presbyterian Church. Reunion Hall’s residents later included John F. Kennedy ’39 during his brief time at Princeton.