Princeton was selected as one of five NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION INNOVATION CORPS (I-Corps) regional hubs, the University announced Aug. 25. Funded by a $15 million grant, the I-Corps hub includes Princeton and five affiliate universities that aim to “accelerate the economic impact of federally funded research,” according to a press release. An interview with Rodney Priestley, Princeton’s vice dean for innovation and co-director of the hub, will appear in PAW’s November issue.

An investigation by outside counsel into the University’s HANDLING OF HUMAN REMAINS from the 1985 MOVE bombing in Philadelphia found that remains were never stored at Princeton but were used twice in anthropology courses, in 2015 and 2019. President Eisgruber ’83 reiterated his April 2021 apology to the families affected by the bombing. The full investigation report is available at

Courtesy Peter Singer
Princeton philosopher and bioethicist PETER SINGER won the $1 million 2021 Berggruen Prize for “advancing ideas that shape the world,” including his writings on animal rights and “effective altruism.” Singer pledged to give away the entire prize. He wrote in an essay for Project Syndicate that half of the money would go to The Life You Can Save, an anti-poverty charity he founded a decade ago. The remainder will be given to groups that combat factory farming and other organizations that fulfill Singer’s view of philanthropy.

At its Sept. 23 meeting, the municipality of Princeton’s planning board was scheduled to decide the fate of the University’s plan to move 91 Prospect Ave., THE FORMER COURT CLUB, to a site across the street and raze three homes owned by the University. The move would clear space for part of the proposed Environmental Studies and School of Engineering and Applied Science complex, to be located primarily on Ivy Lane, behind the eating clubs. Opponents of the move, including alumni in the Princeton Prospect Foundation, have objected to altering the club row streetscape. Additional coverage will be posted at

Princeton launched a new GENDER + SEXUALITY RESOURCE CENTER in Frist Campus Center with a mission “to recognize and redress historical and persistent gender and sexuality inequalities at Princeton and beyond.” Kristopher Oliveira, an assistant dean for diversity and inclusion, is the inaugural director.