Taylor Carroll ’10
Taylor Carroll ’10

Manager of public relations and marketing for San Mateo, Calif.-based Doximity, an online network similar to a LinkedIn for doctors, where they can find colleagues for referrals and securely share information. Princeton major: psychology.

Talking to doctors: Carroll shows doctors how Doximity works, gets their feedback on its ­features, and brings that information back to the technical team. She also promotes Doximity and pitches story ideas to the press. 

What she likes: “Being part of a company  that has a tool that actually makes a difference and either helps [doctors] save time or helps them get in touch with the doctor that they need to, or to be more efficient in their jobs,” says Carroll. “I’ve always wanted to work in health care, particularly in a position capable of improving patient-care coordination and delivery.” 

Pushing the product: Her own doctor uses Doximity. “I made her get on it,” says Carroll, who found the position on a Princeton alumni discussion board. She joined the company in May 2011, two months after its official launch.