PAW's Dec. 21, 1988, cover. Click to enlarge.

PAW’s Dec. 21, 1988, cover featured a bit of holiday spirit, student-style, captured by photographer Larry French. A few other items in the news on campus 25 years ago this week:

  • Abraham Udovich, then chairman of Near Eastern studies, traveled to Sweden with representatives of the International Center for Peace in the Middle East to meet with PLO leader Yasir Arafat.
  • The old Harrison Street bridge over Lake Carnegie collapsed into the water, weighed down by construction equipment that was being used to dismantle it. PAW reported that workers had been planning “a less dramatic demolition process.”
  • Student columnist Glenn Berkeley ’89 tagged along with Michael Stolper ’89 on a late-night pizza delivery run, learning tricks of the trade, like keeping your high-beams on while driving on campus. (“That way, you don’t end up with a person on the front of your car,” Stolper said.)
  • Men’s basketball coach Pete Carril, in an interview with PAW contributor Doug Lederman ’84, explained a lack of physical toughness in the Ivy League, noting that basketball is a “no-garage kind of game,” but Princeton (and the other Ivies) attract players from “three-car-garage” backgrounds. His Tigers would go on to win the league championship and fall to Georgetown, 50-49, in the NCAA Tournament.

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